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My blogging Journey

My blogging Journey published on No Comments on My blogging Journey

I am not new to blogging sites; however, I am new to using all the different customization settings that come along with blogs.  I knew how to make post and make pages.  The idea of using widgets, plug ins, as well as adding embed links was something new.  I thought that the plug-ins and widgets were overwhelming and still are overwhelming.  I will use my certificate to practice.  I want to get better at practicing the different type of tools that this blog has to offer.

February 12th Class

February 12th Class published on No Comments on February 12th Class

Hello everyone, this class has been nothing short of amazing.  Not overwhelming at all.  At lot of things have happened in the 3 hours that we’ve been here.  I guess we must stay on our P’s and Q’s. Cannot get caught comfortable because that means were not working.  Just because you do not see the results does that mean you’re not working hard. Well, that’s all for today’s post.

See you next week if I do not get comfortable.

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